FO Peas in a Pod Cardigan

I haven’t posted in a while, so here goes with some recent knitting. This is Peas in a Pod cardigan, size 6, yarn Lion Brand Wool-ease. I made it longer than the pattern. The buttons are dump trucks. DGS Joseph, age 5, loves the sweater.

Adorable sweater and model! He looks very happy with his sweater :slight_smile:

Adorable on him! (and, I have a grandson named Joseph, too! he just turned 6)

What a cute sweater and child!

Turned out great! And it looks like he’s very happy with his gift! :cheering:

Darling sweater and a perfect fit!

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]What a great combo . . . Joseph and his new cardi.

Very well done!
Gotta love those bobbles in the cables flanking the button/buttonhole bands.[/COLOR][/FONT]

Gorgeous color! It looks really cute on him.

Great job! It turned out wonderful and he looks so happy with it!

Thanks, everybody. Green is his favorite color, so he is especially pleased with the sweater.

What a great looking sweater! He does seem to love it and it is a great color on him.

Great job and one happy litle boy!

Very nice work! What an adorable pairing, your DGS and the sweater!!