FO - Pearl Buck Swing Jacket

I started this in July and finished at the beginning of September, but the finishing seemed too onerous so I let it sit. And sit. And sit. Finally I got to the point that I had 7 UFOs in my Ravelry notebook and I decided that I really needed to just bit the bullet and finish as many as possible.

I wish the sleeves were longer. I knew they would be short because everyone who has posted a picture on the internet of theirs had the same problem. I thought I added a few inches, but either I didn’t, or I should have added a few more. The construction of this made it difficult to tell how they would turn out.

I also wish I had blocked the pieces before assembling. My little condo isn’t really set up for that kind of thing, but for the sake of future projects, I’ll have to find some flat surface somewhere that I can set a blocking board. The worst puckers are on the back, they are my secret shame, I didn’t take pictures :mrgreen:

Placket detail:

Back vent (oh, I guess you can see a bit of the assembly problems here, though the picture makes it look like the horizontal strip is the problem, when it is really the join with the arms).

The yarn is Queensland Collection Uruguay DK. I didn’t fully realize how soft it was until I was assembling. But it doesn’t seem to pill or be smooshy. I will definitely use this yarn again.

Well I think it looks lovely! Well done, hope you wear it proudly :mrgreen:

I think it is adorable. You did a wonderful job. Maybe when you make another you will know what corrections to make. :slight_smile:

Wow! That looks great! :slight_smile:

Beautiful!! I think you did a great job!

good job! this looks great!

That is SO pretty!

Um. I think it is spec[I]tac[/I]ular! No shame in this project. It’s beautiful.:inlove:

IMO Gorgeous

wished I could knit half as well

I think it looks great too! and as far as the imperfections, I’ve decided that everything I make is going to be imperfect! Just enjoy the process. I think your finished project is wonderful!

It’s beautiful! Gorgeous color.

:thumbsup: It looks great and I love the color!! :happydance:

I think it looks great and the colour gives it an elegant twist. You could block it a bit even that it’s already assembled. Press the back through damp towel, see what it does :thumbsup:

i think it looks great. great work on the detailing!!

Looks good to me! The color is wonderful.

It looks very nice! :slight_smile:

Very inspiring, bip! I have this pattern on my "list’ of “to-do’s”…and now seeing your lovely version…I am inspired to get with it!

Very beautiful knitting! :thumbsup: Thanks for sharing your work with us!

Looks good!