FO- Peach Valentine Tablecloth

OMIGOSH! :woot: :cheering: This has got to be my favorite one so far and I will just HAVE to do it in several colors! I’m giddy with excitement at how pretty it is and can honestly say it IS a lace beauty!

Using Kinzel’s “Valentine” design in her “First Book of Modern Lace Knitting” for the cheval set, I extended the hearts three times. I also made several pattern row changes to make sure that it radiated properly. It measures 36" and I used size 3(US) needles and a 5/2 mercerized, peach colored cottonthread.

Boy are you fast! A lace project like that would take me forever! It’s very pretty!

Thanks… remember now, it’s done on circulars, continuously, knit side only and lots of skps, yos, k2togs…just a matter of running everyone out of the house, leaving the tv off, concentrating and the pure desire to see the finished piece. Oh yeah…and I usually get to knit about 4-5 hours daily.

Absolutely beautiful. You are the lace queen.

Wow!! :heart:

LOL! High praise and you’re sweet to say this but I can’t really take that crown! Maybe “Idiot Doily Tablecloth Queen” would suit better! :muah:

That is beautiful! :cheering:

:inlove: sooo pretty!!

Absolutely gorgeous

Beautiful! I can’t even imagine knitting something that looks so intricate.


What she said!

Stunning as always Mary and you are so quick at doing them now too.
You are like a crazy knitting machine in overdrive lol :slight_smile:

:passedout: Words are not adequate.

Oh gosh…such wonderful knitting! I wish I had the gumption to take on something as wonderful as this tablecloth of yours!!!

Somehow I missed this one,Mary. It’s lovely!

I do think you’re on a roll here.

Have you cast on another one yet? :slight_smile:

Absolutely incredible Mary!!! If I ever finished something that lovely, I think I’d have to hang on the way or frame it or something! GORGEOUS!!

LOL! I AM fearless on these usually…

I have cast on another one in Lilac, size 1(US) with a teeny tiny crochet thread…a tad scary but it’s moving along nicely. The most difficult part was dealing with 4 DPNs and the pattern stitches. Now, I’ve reached the point where I can use a circular and way easier.

Wanda, I have the first Egeblad, ready to be framed! A couple of the others are going to our nearby Artisans Gallery for sale and showing. Am planning on a nice, oval tablecloth for my daughter and want to do a nice one for my granddaughter… I have cats so can only hang them or put them out of their reach…

Simply gorgeous!!! So, are you taking orders? I’d love one in forest green for my kitchen table but 36" is too small, I’d need it to be probably a 40" round, LOL!!!

OOOOooo, wouldn’t that be pretty! And a red one and OMGosh, a light blue one and a mint green one…LOL! The size is determined not only by the pattern but size thread and needles… This one was done with 3s and a 5/2… one done with 5s and a 3/2 would be about the right size for your table, extending to a fourth round of hearts. You’d want one that is either just 40" or one 52", put a cloth under it that would contrast and really make it pop! Git those needles movin, girl!

Do you have a copy of the pattern? Is it a free pattern I can download somewhere? If not, are you feeling up to photocopying and mailing by snail mail? A pattern might be necessary to “get those needles moving”. LOL!!