FO: Pawprint Cloth


This is my very first project after 2 days learning knitting. Got the pattern from here

I didn’t know there possibilities to have mysterious extra stitches :mrgreen: That’s why it became like this . It’s ok, I’ll knitting more and more, really addicted into this thing


Congrats!! I’ve made this pattern before. Love the way it turns out!

Great job - especially for 2 days knitting! It was more like 2 years for me before I learned to purl. Keep at it and you will be a pro in no time!

That looks gorgeous, especially for only 2days of knitting!

I think I also used a pattern similar to this

Awesome first project! Dishcloths are great because they are small projects and a good way to practice stitch patterns. I’m a member of a yahoo group that sends out new patterns for cloths weekly. It’s a lot of fun even though I haven’t gotten to knit a cloth in months. I’ve been stuck in “gift knitting mode”

Good luck on your next knitting adventure!

This is such an adorable pattern design! Great work!
Thanks for sharing the link, too!

I’m at wok so I couldn’t see your pic…but LOVE the link!!! Christmas ideas for the nephews!!!