FO: Patchwork Baby Blanket

I have finally finished this blanket that I have been working on for months, a bit at a time. I made each square, then last night and today I put them together and added the border. I haven’t had a chance to wash it or anything yet, so it still seems to look a bit wonky and not at all as square as it should be lol! More pictures of all the individual squares here:

That looks great. What a nice way to learn and practice different stitch patterns.

Fantastic! :notworthy:

ooh, I am in love with the purple diamond square on the bottom row… What pattern is that?

This is such a neat blanket. I really wanna try one some day.

Wow…that is so pretty!

that looks great!!! neat colors

Fantabulous!! :cheering: The stitch definition is amazing! Mind sharing which stitch dictionaries you used?? :wink: (could be helpful for another thread asking for which ones to buy)

I love it! Im wondering, how did you seam it? Did you crochet it?

What a great idea. That’s beautiful!

Thanks for all the lovely comments everyone! To answer a few questions - I used an old book that my mom got me in the 80’s, its called Bucilla Knitting Primer. It has 100 different stitch patterns and instructions for how to make a blanket with the squares. I’m almost certain that you can’t get this book anymore, but I’m sure some of the newer books out there would have something similar. Each square is knitted, then a row of single crochet is added around each square to make them a bit more uniform (each pattern has a different amount of stitches) and make it easier to put them together. I then attached the squares together with a row of single crochet. To finish it, I added 4 rows of single crochet, one in each color. I debated about sewing a backing fabric on it, but I don’t htink its necessary, and the baby its intended for is due in April and won’t need the extra warmth!

Great job! I love the variety of stitch patterns and colors.

I absolutely :heart: :heart: :heart: it… it’s like a quilt so many interstingq patterns put together

GREAT JOB~! :cheering: :happydance:

So beautiful! :notworthy:

this is absolutely gorgeous!! what yarn did you use? i love how well you can see the designs!! :cheering:

Thanks! I used Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Candy Blue, Cherry Red, Popsical Blue, and Pistachio.

HHHHHHhhmmmm: did you buy that yarn at smileys? If I remember right thats some of the colors they had or am I WAY off here?? ( wouldn’t be the 1st time that’s for sure) :teehee:

You are right! I bought 2 of each of those colors and four of the bright pink that they had as well. I didn’t use any of the pink in the blanket because the baby its going to be for is a boy lol. I have enough girls to use it for though!

It looks absolutely great. I really want to try that once. I even want to learn to crochet for it.

Beautiful!! I love all the different patterns! My mom just gave me an old knitting book “Treasury of Knitting” or something like that, and I can’t wait to try out some of the stitches from it. Anyway, great job! :slight_smile:

That is a gorgeous little blanket - I love the bright, cheerful colors.