FO - Party Sock

Some background… My LYS has social knitting nights and I go on Fridays. One of the women created these socks for us to do as a group project. Last Saturday we had a workshop to learn the techniques (if we didn’t know them) and next Sat we are having a party at the LYS after hours to start our adult size socks…and eat and chat and whatever…:teehee:

We are making them out of Plymouth Encore DK in whatever crazy colors we want. Most of them have colors similar to mine. They are toe up with a garter stitch short row heel and they will intentionally not match. I plan on adding the slipper sole with fleece to mine and using them for slippers.

So here’s the first baby sock I made in preparation for the adult size. Lots of mistakes in this one, but hopefully I learned something so the adult size will be fine. :wink: The pattern is not available yet, but will be a Ravelry download which I’ll share when it’s ready.

It’s so cute! Reminds me of ice-cream.

That is the coolest thing! I love it. I can’t wait for the download. Should be a pretty quick knit, too, in Encore, right?

The baby sock was a quick knit for sure so I’m sure the adult one will go pretty fast. Yes, Encore DK.


Wow, and I thought my Skittles tie was colorful :rofl:

Looks great.


Very cute! What a fun thing to do at your LYS…:yay:

How cute is that? LOL! Love the sock! :thumbsup:

Hey! It looks like a sock too! That’s always a good thing! Very bright and fun looking.

jinkies those sure are some colors you have there :stuck_out_tongue: LOL it’s looks like a lot of fun

Looks like fun, that might be enough to get me back to give socks another try.
Very fun looking.

Love the bright colours. looks a lot of fun. will the pattern include a size for a 2-3 year old. would love to make something like this for my daughter.

I love the sock. The colors remind me of a box of crayons.

As far as I know it’s just the sampler size and adult in two sizes, but once you learn the techniques involved (pretty easy) you can apply it to any size sock I would think.

Thanks to all! It IS [SIZE=4][B][COLOR=Magenta]b[/COLOR][COLOR=Cyan]r[/COLOR][COLOR=DarkOrchid]i[/COLOR][COLOR=Lime]g[COLOR=Yellow]h[/COLOR][/COLOR][COLOR=DarkOrange]t[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE], but for a house sock it’ll be fun!

Jan, those are awesome!!! What great timing with the colors too…with Spring right around the corner!

GREAT job!!!

Forget the kids, I want a pair for myself. So cute, Jan!

I’m sitting here with a smile on my face…that is such a cute sock! I know I shouldn’t be thinking about Christmas:eyes: …but that would be a cute slipper for my 5 year old granddaughter!!
Good job, can’t wait to see your adult size one!


What fun! Looking forward to the adult pair.

That is so cute! I can see why it’s called a “party sock”. What a great way to learn new techniques.