FO - Palindrome Scarf

I finished up the grey Palindrome scarf. The grey color doesn’t photograph well at all. I shot it in several different light levels and with/without flash and this is about the best I could get.

Now I just have to get it into the mail to it’s intended owner.

Very Nice! Did you make a note on my address change? LOL! :teehee:

It still looks very nice – it must be AMAZING in person. :inlove:

This is on my must-do list, but I’m such a slow knitter that it’s going to be a long time before I get to it! (Not so much “slow” as “don’t spend as much time as I would like”. Same end result. :))

love it!!!:happydance:

totally lovley. that one will also be on the to do list that is ever growing hehe


:happydance: Looks great!

That looks SO warm and comfy!

I’ve got one OTN now, it’s my take-it-along project. Other times it resides in my ‘Around the Town’ bag from Kristin.

Nice work Mason–sick and all. :wink: My address is…

:happydance:[FONT=“Georgia”][I][COLOR=“RoyalBlue”] how can any one not like cables that’s nice…I just joined this forum and it’s nice to see a gentleman that knits…I tell my sons that the Scots could out knit many a women but they just don’t believe…wait tell I show them this[/COLOR][/I][/FONT]:woohoo:

Great job!!!

[CENTER][B]Very NICE! :thumbsup: [/B]
[B]I could use one of those right about now. It’s a million degrees below zero here in Michigan this morning and that scarf looks really warm and soft. Whoever you’re sending it to: LUCKY.[/B][/CENTER]

Gee, thanks Mason. How nice of you to make this for me. You DID note the correct address on the package???

Lovely work, very nice scarf. As usual your work is exceptional.

I hope you’re feeling better and get yourself out of that hotel room soon!

And I’ll happily give you my addy for your next project!

(by the way, I really want to make that scarf, but i’m worried about how to handle errors on cables. i’m bound to not see them until i’m rows away. guess i should just bite the bullet…)


It’s beautiful! Nice work on it! :yay:

It looks great. I admire the stick-to-it ness of anyone that can finish a scarf :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice!! Is that one of the reversible cable scarves?

Mason, That is one very nice scarf. Make mine blue, if you please… :whistle:

Yes it’s reversible. It’s Silver’s Palindrome pattern.

I always love seeing your FO’s Mason!!! This scarf looks really nice and comfy :thumbsup:

Very nice! I am in the process of making one for my brother, his is blue, but has a similar type of shading to the yarn. It is truly a fun and not boring scarf!

Merigold, this pattern has 1 cable row in every 6, the rest are just plain ribbing, if you are worried, you can always put a lifeline into the cable row, then the most you have to frog would be 5 rows.