FO - palindrome scarf

:woot: yay! i finally finished this scarf! i wish i didn’t like scarves so much because they always feel like they take foooorrreevvveeerrr. but, it was worth the wait.

i used silver’s palindrome scarf pattern and southwest trading company karaoke yarn in purpley/green color. i really like the results of the reversible cables and the long variations of the yarn colors.

Looks great! I agree- scarves do take forever!

That looks wonderful and I love the colors.


Love the yarn! It turned out great!

That is soo beautiful! Great job!!!

that looks great!, & I thought scarfs just took me forever! LOL:teehee: .

I love the colours! Absolutely beautiful :heart:

Beautiful colourway. Nice work :slight_smile:

Beautiful!!! LOVE that yarn too!

Wow, that’s a pretty scarf! I love the colors.

I love those colors!! It’s very pretty…Great job :happydance:

Looks great and I love the colors! This scarf is on my “to-do” list. Love the pattern.

Oh, I’m in LOVE! That turned out just gorgeous!!!

Oh wow, beautiful scarf!

Lovely colours and you did a great job!

I love those colors! it looks great

Yup, it’s really gorgeous. Looks so difficult and complicated but I’ll bet it was a joy to do. Congrats! Great soothing colors too…

it’s really just a lot of 2x2 ribbing with cabling every few rows. once you get into the groove of it, you can really get going!


Looks wonderful! I like the long color transitions.