FO Palindrome scarf WIP Socks

I was stuck offline for 8 or 9 days (torture!). I only had two knitting patterns written out, yes written we didn’t have a printer, so I worked on them. We bought a new printer while we were getting the interweb connection straightened out so I’ve been printing patterns like crazy if it should ever happen again :stuck_out_tongue:

here’s the palindrome scarf. It’s made using Silver’s pattern of course and I loves it. I made it to match my palindrome hat which I did with a varigated colorway. I wanted the cables to show up a bit more here so i used a solid.

And here is the first sock (with Silver’s sock tutorial) and evidence that I casted on for the second :stuck_out_tongue: I guess hubby has been paying attention because when I showed him the completed sock he said “I thought you were supposed to cast on for the second sock immediately” LOL

I’m trying really hard to resist wearing it without it’s mate :teehee:

Great job! The scarf is gorgeous, and so is the sock! Is that Magic Stripes? I think I have that same colorway. :slight_smile:

The scarf is beautiful and the sock looks great . Glad to hear that you are up and running again. I hate it when i cannot get on the internet.:slight_smile:

Nice pieces! glad you are back!

:happydance: they look great!!

Sure is. It’s called Sea Blue I think.

Me too! Who knew there were so many extra hours in the day?

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Love those, Eccie! Love how the cables just pop out, aren’t cables wonderful? Great work! Mary


I also admire you surviving without the internet so long. I think I’d go nuts. I might get some knitting done, though…

Love the scarf and the socks!

Beautiful scarf! The sock looks great too.

Thanks all. I’m working on the second sock now. I’ve just finished picking up the stitches for the heel and am decreasing now. I hate the picking up the stitches part. I don’t know if it’s because of the way I knit or what but it’s always a challenge.

Nice work, and mmmmm those socks look so comfortable.

The scarf looks great. Nice job on the sock too!