Fo: palindrome hat

omg, i am sooooo happy to have an FO. i feel like i haven’t finished anything in foooorrreeevvverrr. so here is just a simple palindrome hat. i really like how it turned out. i used patons merino and i believe the color is called russet. whoo hoo! :woot:
check out my ravelry page if you are interested in anymore details.

Looks great. Love the color.

That’s a great job! I too love the colour Melissa. Nice work!!!

It’s a beautiful hat! Nice job on it!

Melissa, what a cute hat that is.

I’m actually eyeing a sofa in that color. :happydance:

It looks terrific!:woot:

:happydance: Great job! Love the color :thumbsup:

Great hat and the colour really suits you x

:thumbsup: Great knitting :slight_smile:

I llove it ! You did a great job :slight_smile:

Beautiful hat!:thumbsup:

Nice job!:thumbsup:

Cool hat!:yay: I have made the scarf and keep meaning to make the hat, looking at yours makes me want to start it now!
Beautiful color!


Nice hat! It looks good on too! Fantastic!

Great hat!