FO: Palette Fair Isle Cardigan

I just wanted to share my most recent FO, it’s the Palette Fair Isle Cardigan, I finished it today, and I’ve been working on it since mid-August, so I’m pretty excited that I finished it. I’m going to have to get someone to take a picture of me in it tomorrow, I’ll add that when I get it. I have to block it, but since I’m waiting for my wooly board I’ll probably wear it until I get that.

Very Pretty!!!

Oh, that is REALLY beautiful! Love the colors!

Ummm, what is a Wooly Board?

OK, I googled it. What a great idea. I’m going to send a picture to a friend who is a wood worker,and see if he can make one for me. His usual payment is a homemade coconut cream pie.:wink:

:woot: Great job!! It’s very pretty…

That is absolutely beautiful!!:thumbsup:

Very pretty. Great work.

Wow, that is stunning!!

Ooh, lovely work and :yay: colours too!

Absolutely tee-totally gorgeous!:notworthy:

Oh my…that is so pretty!!! :inlove:

What great colors!!!

Oooh, it’s so pretty! I love it! :smiley: Awesome job! That’s a ton of work, and it really paid off :slight_smile:


love it.
I also love the way fairisle turns boring stockinette stitch into something to look forward to knitting - don’t you. It really keeps the challenge up and makes you want to keep going to see how the pattern is turning out.

looking forward to seeing your next fo.

wow that is really nice. great job!!

That is beautiful! You really did a great job! :cheering:

Lovely job x

Oh my goodness…that is STUNNING! What a great cardigan that is - wonderful work!!! :woot:

Thank you all for the compliments, I really did enjoy knitting the sweater.

For Deb or anyone else who is interested in making or having someone make a wooly board there are instructions here: Good luck. This is the first time I get to use it and I’m really excited.

Very nice!