FO: owl cable hat

Owl Cable Hat from Ruthie Knits for my brother. Pattern modified for way different gauge.

Knit in Cascade Magnum (the orange) and Tahki Bunny (the red) on size 11 needles. Knit very tight to block out the wind.


Wow! I just love it! :inlove: And those colors are so nice!

Tell your brother I dig that Arc’Teryx pack too :wink:

Hey, I think I am working on that too!!! I say “think” cause someone sent it to me (no name on pattern) cause I needed an “owl” Headband for my nephew who attends Kennesaw Univ in GA…Do you have any other owl stuff??? Let me know Thanks

The hat looks great and i just love the colour !
May i also comment on how handsome your brother is :slight_smile:

That’s a great looking hat. :thumbsup:

Inspiring! Love the hat! The model ain’t bad either! :slight_smile:

That is a great looking hat!

The hat looks awesome! :cheering:

Hey that’s a good job matching the hat to the coat! Nice work!

great job - the color is nice!

that looks awesome!

DId you follow the pattern exactly and it came out bigger cuz of the bigger yarn or was the size just right for his head?

Cool looking hat, and wherever he is, it looks as though he needs it!

Pretty :inlove: and your brother is not so bad himself :teehee:

Perfect colour. Looks nice and thick and warm too.

:happydance: great job…he looks like he loves it…

Great job!

That turned out great! I love the colors, and your brother looks very handsome in it :slight_smile:

It looks awesome!!

Thanks for the compliments. My 3 year old also loved it and requested hers in pink on top and purple for the ribbing. She looks cute in hers too!

I recalculated the number of cast on sts for my gauge and his head size. I have made my brother quite a few hats, so I know what size to make. I did take a couple of rounds (i think 2) out of the “body” of the owl and 1 out of the “head”. I also started the owl one row after the ribbing otherwise the hat would have been too long. It is a pretty easy pattern to modify.