FO - Osterdalen Norwegian Sweater

This is my most recently finished object… and one of my most ambitious projects so far. I love, love, loved knitting this… even with all the challenges. If you’re up to it, I highly recommend Dale of Norway projects!! :slight_smile:

Wowzers! :inlove: That is gorgeous! Is it for you?

:inlove: :notworthy: wow!!!

That is stunning, Silver! The colors are wonderful! :inlove:

Really beautiful!
I love the pattern, I love the colours, and your knitting is beautiful!! :inlove:

Whoa, that’s a lot of stockinette!

It’s absolutely stunning! :inlove:

OMG!! That is FANTASTIC!!! :thumbsup:

Holy cow! I’m floored. That is AMAZING!!!

LOL, so, now we know where you’ve been…working and knitting this BEAUTIFUL sweater…GAWGEOUS, dahlin, GAWGEOUS!!!

We’ve missed you :wink:

Simply stunning! Beautiful, beautiful work!

That is absolutely gorgeous! :cheering:

That is just B-E-A-U-tiful!!! :heart: It looks professional, too! Hehe! Nice work!

OMG!!! :notworthy: That is so beautiful! I cannot wait to try something like, but not for awhile. LOVE IT! :heart: :heart:

WOW! you got Ingy on the run with that one. It soooooooo beeyooteeful :inlove:

That’s gorgeous!!! I love your choice of colors!!

What yarn did you use? I don’t think I’d be up to putting in the zipper. I see you got the patch for it too!

WOW! Silver, wow!

[color=blue][size=6] :shock: WOW! WOW!! WOW!!! :shock: [/size]

[size=7]Perfection to the 'enth degree!!! :thumbsup: [/size][/color]

That is truly beautiful: design and workmanship.

Beautiful! I love the design and the colors you used.

Simply gorgeous!