FO~ One Skein Wonder /WIP scarf

here is what i have been up too. nothing much… i need to stop trying to knit for myself till i have this baby though!!! :oops:

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DANG… ya’ll gonna make me post the pic! so much trouble!

Scarf…hopefully willbe finished by saturday…

That looks great! Don’t wait to knit until you have your baby!! Then, you will have a baby and no time! :lol:

Great OSW! Did you stripe it yourself, or did you use a self-striping yarn?

Very nice!! :thumbsup:

Ooh, I love it!!! :inlove:

i stripped it myself. :thumbsup:

Ohh…I like… Great Job :thumbsup:

I just love those little shrugs! How perfect for the weather! You did a marvelous job!

I likey,…looks good :thumbsup:

Great projects and the OSW looks beatimous on you!