FO: One Skein Scarf

Ok, here’s the scarf I started yesterday, the “One Skein Scarf” from Debbie Stoller’s “The Happy Hooker”. I think I did it correctly…lol

[COLOR="#300090"]Just posted on your other thread about the “skip next row-end dc.” :wink: Not that it maters much now for this project, since it is a FO already. LOL

The “row-end” is taken together to identify the DC stitch. You said the scarf was three rows wide, so the pattern wanted the edging [B]shell[/B] stitch in the end of the middle of the three rows (skip first row and third row). I can’t tell if that’s how you worked the edging around the ends in the pictures. Looks pretty how ever you did it.[/COLOR]

Yes, I did do that, however, I did mess up in one spot and added an extra DC…lol…Ah well, that’s what practicing is about, huh? It still came out much better than I was expecting it to! :teehee:

Demonica, you do very nice work! Your stitches are very even! Good job!


Looks very stylish, good job!!!

Oh yes, this came out very nice! :heart: I tracked down what I think was the pattern online here. The pattern says it’s from Debbi Stoller’s book so it looked to be the same one. Only thing different I can see is that the pattern at Joann’s is doing just one row of dc, that’s it, then it goes on to the edging or border so technically you wouldn’t be working the border in the “row ends” on long side of the scarf, it would really be in each stitch itself. The only real row ends are the short sides or the width of the scarf. I must try this one!

That’s it! Man, I feel really proud of myself too because the skill level read: “some crochet experience needed” and, I learned to crochet just the day before I started the scarf! I hadn’t even attempted the shell stitch before that scarf :teehee:

It also read the scarf pattern was excerpted from The Happy Hooker, so, the entire pattern isn’t there, but there’s really not much missing from it.

I really enjoyed crocheting this scarf, it was easy and fun to do!

Wow! That is really pretty!!

That is so pretty:thumbsup: I like to crochet and knit. Tho, I have alot to learn on both.

It looks great, Demonica! You are really catching on to crochet quickly. Excellent work. :thumbsup: