FO- one-skein scarf

Well, it’s finally finished! I ripped it out a few times, but started working on it again this morning and just finished it.
It’s approx 5.5 feet without the fringe, with 12 stitches across and 114 rows. I used US19 needles and the garter stitch and am finally finished with my first knitted scarf! :woohoo:

Thanks everyone for the encouragement! :muah:

That looks great!! Very soft and cuddly looking! :thumbsup:

Thanks! It is very soft :slight_smile: I’m going to give it to my gram. I wish I’d had it finished two days ago to give to her when it was cold raining and then snowing. Now it’s probably not going to be cold again until November! lol

So soft and pretty, I’m sure she’ll love it. Did you like working with that yarn?

Very pretty. You did a great job.

Congratulations what a beautiful first scarf!

It was okay. I got a bit frustrated with how it would wrap little bitty pieces around my needles and get in the way and pull on the yarn, but it was soft and easy to hold on to.
I’ll be getting some more like it to make a baby blanket for my cousin’s bun in the oven.

Thanks everyone!:thumbsup:

Congratulations…looks warm and toasty! :hug:


Very pretty.

Looks absolutely delicious.

Thanks! My dog thinks so too. :wink: I have to hide it so she doesn’t shred it

that’s so pretty! i’m such a newbie…what yarn did you use, and what type of stitches?

I’m not sure what yarn it is. My gram bought a whole bunch at a rummage sale and it was already balled up with the label gone. I’ve seen a lot like it though at Walmart and it’s usually got the word ‘baby’ in the title.

I just used a knit stich (garter stitch) all the way thoughout. I used US19 sized needles and just did twelve stitches across and it’s something like 114 rows. I used one skein of yarn for the entire thing total and made sure to leave a bit of it for the fringe.

:happydance: Congrats! Great job!!:happydance:

Ohhh, very pretty!!! Love the colors too! It would make a gorgeous baby blanket! Great job!

My girlfriend thought so too :smiley: So, I ripped it out and went looking for a blanket pattern only to learn that I didn’t have enough yarn and I shouldn’t have ripped it out before learning that :aww:

I’m going to look for more yarn like this so I can make a baby blanket for my preggers cousin.

Very pretty. It looks so soft!

Looks super soft and cozy!