FO - One more Anthropologie Capelet

Here’s my capelet. It’s in lamb’s pride bulky in fuchsia. The first real garment i’ve completed!


I would be so proud of that if I were you. It is fantastic for a first project :notworthy:

I am still at the scarf stage :teehee:

Its a beautiful colour I love it :passedout:

:muah: Sharon

Love it! Great job!

Oooh, it looks so great on you!

I just love this pattern. :smiley:

And what a great garment it is! I’m sure you’ll get compliments on it when you wear it!


Each one of these that I see makes me want to make one, too.
Yours is fab-o…and props to you for having this be your first real garment. It came out perfect! :cheering:


thanks everyone! :heart: i love all the inspiration and support of this place!

Very impressive!!! It fits you perfect. Wasn’t it fun to knit?? :lol:

Awesome!! You did a fabulous job and it looks great on you!

Beautiful! I like your choice of yarn!

Gorgeous!!! You should be so proud!

I finished one for my niece last night and am going to knit another for another niece, they are such fun :cheering:

It looks great!

I love that color! Beautiful!

Very Very NICE! Great color.

I WANT ONE YESTERDAY! Beautiful job and gorgeous color. Where is the pattern from?

Congratulations on completing your first garment. It looks terrific!

Great job!

Mama Bear