FO - One down...a basketful to go

My first egg. I bought some bamboo DPNs yesterday… what a world of difference they make! I also bought some cheap Red Heart to practice figuring it wouldn’t be next to skin so it probably didn’t make much difference. Only problem is now I’ve got a big skein of scratchy ick. :rollseyes: Whatever… it was only $1.88 a skein! :roflhard:

Now…to get some more colors and make the basket…

That little yarn that looks wonky…isn’t really that bad. It’s just the angle.

:cheering: It looks great!!!

Beautiful colors, it looks like a real dye color! Is that the Red Heart?

Looks awesome!

Thanks! Yeah, it reminded me of those egg dyes that you marbled…I think they had vegetable oil in them or something. Yes, this is Red Heart Supersaver in #310 Monet.

Its not wonky, its cute! Great job :thumbsup:

Those colors are great! Very “springy.” I need to make a basket of Easter eggs. We have no Easter decorations whatsoever, and seeing all these cute eggs is making me want to knit some…[/u]

I think the Red Heart is perfect for this type of project. No one has to wear them!! :wink: I think it’s really really cute and I just may need to go out and find some variagated yarn and make some of my own!

OMG! It’s adorable! Yours turned out so much better than mine. Something is off about my shaping, and I can’t figure out what it is; I thought I was following the pattern to a tee. (am currently felting all my eggs so as to “erase” my mistakes!)

I really, really like that yarn! I had no idea Red Heart could be so pretty!


Stacey, after filling it I stuck the needle in and sorta pushed the stuffing so it was more egg shaped. I’m going to Big Lots today to see if they have plastic eggs. I bet you could put one in before the very end and then knit the end over it. That would be a perfect shape. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Won’t your eggs be super tiny if felted?

Ooh, let me know how the plastic egg experiment (eggsperiment? :lol: ) goes. [What did you stuff this one with?].

The first one I felted turned out great, just the right size (you can see it in the second set of pics in my Easter egg thread). I threw all the other four in the washer this morning and have so far had varying results. One did shrink down super-small, but that was partly b/c it got lost in a load of laundry that I then did on two dryer cycles on high heat. I’m disappointed, b/c it was the Malabrigo one. :frowning: I think pre-felting mine were a little bigger than yours.

My problem with the shaping isn’t the stuffing but the actual knitting. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but the decreases just do not look right. Did you modify the pattern at all?

First of all I think your eggs look wonderful!

On the increases, I didn’t do two together. I k1, increase, knit to last stitch, increase, k1. For decreases I’m still not entirely happy with mine either. For this one I SSK, k to last stitch, k2tog, k1. I’m working on another one now and may do them differently.

Jan, which increase did you use? Was it M1? I think I may try your variation next.

SO cute, Jan! And I dont know WHERE you are seeing wonky…looks PERFECT to me!

I am using M1A and M1T. I’m also trying the decrease a bit differently. Will post new pic in a few minutes.


Okay, no pic. :rollseyes: I changed the decrease by reversing it…seemed like it made more sense, but I don’t like the SSK either way. It doesn’t look bad, but IMO it could be better. Will experiment and let you know. :wink:

I love the Monet and the Watercolours in RH. That egg is absolutely egg-squisite! Where did you find the pattern?

Oh … it’s soooo cute!!! :smiley:

Here is the pattern.

I will say that working with RH is like using sandpaper. That stuff is nasty! I do love the look though!