FO - Olympic Rings 2008 Dishcloth

I started an Olympic Dishcloth KAL and got a bit of a head start, knitting this up over the course of a couple of days. I started early because I just started studying for one of my certification exams so, hopefully, I can get a teaching job this school year. The dishcloth could have been knit up in one evening of TV viewing.

The pattern was written by a KH member, DeAnzaJig and is available in this thread.

I used Sugar 'n Cream, and the color is Cornflower.

Very nice! :thumbsup:

For some strange reason I cannot see the picture of your dishcloth. I’m sure that it’s very nice. Wish I could see it.

Hmmm…I sure don’t know why…:??

Here’sa link you can go to to see it.

That is so cool! I never would have thought of that. Is the pattern available to everyone? I didn’t see it on the thread? I have 4 balls of the sugar and creme yarn.


EDIT…just found it nevermind

Cute, what a creative idea.