FO: ok, I cheated, it isn't really a FO

I will post pics as soon as I retrieve hubby’s camera from my dad’s. It is the 4 hour baby blanket from Lion Brand. It is the fastets I have ever knitted anything, I think!
However, I ran out of yarn. Bad me, I didn’t check gauge but counted the suggested stitches and it came out over 40 inches when it should be 36! I thought I might have enough if I left off the tassle, but alas, no. So a corner is not there, but who wants a corner flapping in a baby’s face, right? LOL. I think it will be ok.
I just had to share my excitement of finishing this in less than a week!

:woot: (courtesy of my daughter, Sylver)

Can’t wait to see pics! I have two babies coming in the next few months I need to knit for!