FO: Off Shoulder Pullover

Finally it is finished. I feel pretty good about my second project. My wife says the yarn is SOFT!
Thanks for all your favorable comments and support.

That’s a beautiful sweater!! I’m digging the off-the-shoulder look :heart:

Wow! That is an awesome 2nd project! Congratulations :cheering:

GREAT job!! Looks very nice both ways.

It looks fantastic! You’re a natural born knitter. :slight_smile:

Oh that is sooo lovely on her!! you did such a wonderful job!!

Wow! GREAT job!

Great job! It looks fantastic!

That looks great!!

Lucky wife! It looks wonderful and the off-shoulder look - :thumbsup:.

Very cool sweater!

An amazing second project… your wife looks stunning in it!:thumbsup:

Lucky lady to have a husband who knits for her! Nice work on the sweater. What is project #3 going to be?

That is a great sweater! What a lucky wife you have!


Holy cow - that’s your second project?!? I am duely impressed! And your wife is a lovely model. :slight_smile:

Project #3 is a funnel neck sweater. See WIP by this title.

Oooooh La La! Great sweater!

Cool sweater! Your wife’s a lucky girl.

:thumbsup: You’ve done a great job on this project. Having the option to wear it up or down is really nice.

Very nice! Man, how awesome it would be if my hubby were a knitter…I could bug HIM to make things for ME! :teehee: