FO Octopus Bath Mitt

I found this free pattern from Zakka Life and just had to make it for my daugher. Sugar & Cream. I knit it in the round rather than seaming it the way the pattern says.

WHat Fun!!! Looks fantastic . :slight_smile:

:teehee: That’s too cute!

It’s great!
I especially love the tentacles.

Well, how cute is that??? Nice job…

My GD loves ‘octoputz’, so I’ve got to knit her one. Thanks so much, Ingrid!

That is so cute! Bet my Maddi would like one!

bwah! I love it

That’s great! I think my kids would enjoy that too.

LOL That is just too cute!!!

That is so cute and fun !!! :slight_smile:

very cute, very sweet
thanks for sharing


Fabulous every child should have one !!

:happydance: very cute!!

That’s a cute piece of the sea world!

oh that is one of the cutest things i have seen!! :yay:

How cute! :slight_smile: