FO.. Nubbins Ta-Ta dishcloths

When I first saw this pattern, I knew I was destined to knit these by the thousands, lol… sofar I have knit up 7, using different pinky colored yarns. I am making these and giving them to my girlfriends to remind them to Get Their Mammo. Everyone who sees them and then gets one, loves it.
It’s a great thing to knit for The Cause.


Where did you get the pattern? Was it by any chance a “booby prize”?

:teehee: Cute!

Much thanks goes to the women whose site I got the pattern from. She is aces in my knitting book for creating this.
You can find it here …

Thank you. I have several survivors who will really appreciate this.

Thanks Trace. Great link. There are lots of things on there I would not mind knitting. My DD would love the Breast Cancer Scarf because her aunt, although not a survivor, was a breast cancer patient before she died almost two years ago. Thanks again!

Adorable!!! Thanks for the link!

Great link. I think I will make those for friends who do the Walk for Breast Cancer every year.

:happydance: they look great!! Thanks for the link…:thumbsup: