FO.... Now it's a doll hat

I was making this for a friend who just had her baby yesterday, but it’s WAY too small so now it’s going to be for Belle for Christmas.

I’m disappointed that it’s too small but happy that it looks like it should. It was the first real chart that I’ve knitted from.

Hope you enjoy…

Love the pattern!


That is a great hat. T leat now you will be more at ease with the pattern if you decide to do that one again. I know how you feel with the frustration. I just knit a pumpkin hat that I wanted to be newborn sz but it is too big, with my luck it will fit them in June when no one wants a pumpkin hat. LOL I am going to start stretching it and see if it can fit them at a year.

Thanks guys!

I am trying to decide if I want to make the same one with one more repeat for the baby hat or if I want to make a different one. I’m thinking if I make a different on I’ll go with cable… but I want one that’s changeling… I have several easy project OTN now… guess I look on Rav tonight…

I think it’s very cute.

Very pretty. I haven’t knitted from a chart, yet. Yours looks great.

Wow that looks great!! What a cute hat pattern. It will look adorable on a babydoll. :slight_smile:

:happydance: it looks great!

Bummer that it’s too small, but it’s lovely. I like the colors!