FO - Nothing But Ribbing Beanie

I made this beanie for my son. It’s the first time someone in my immediate family has requested a knitted item, so I gladly put down my current WIP.

I used Lion Brand Wool Ease. The colors are Paprika and Forest Green Heather.

The pattern came from this pamphlet, which I bought at Hobby Lobby:

I altered the pattern a bit to allow for the striping. Basically, I worked three rounds of ribbing with the green yarn and one round with the orange.

Thanks for looking!


Looks great, bet he is please with his hat. i love it when my son or daughter wants me to make them something.

That’s a great hat! :thumbsup:

Really nice! I like the striping, it’s subtle and nice.

Great hat! :slight_smile:

Lovely hat :slight_smile:

Great hat I’ll bet it fits snuggly because of the ribbing.I love the colours

:yay: it looks great!!

Cool-O! Ribbing makes such nice thick, stretchy hats.

that turned out great!

i really like the colors hunter green is one of my favorite colors… i’m sure your son will really like it… no one in my family asks me to knit stuff for em either … my daughter loves to play with all the things i get done with that are meant for other people but any time i make something for her she never wants to ware it… you did a really good job man now i want to buy some hunter green yarn… lol

sure looks great, good job

Great hat, bet he loves it.

The guys in Iraq like soft warm hats either in camo colors or black. The ones that the military issue aren’t any too comfortable, according to friends.

Very nice! Love the color combo! Great work Auburnchick!
Thanks for the photo!!! Very crisp and clear!

I have seen the hat in person and it really is wondermous!!

I’ve gotta tell you that he was out of town at a youth retreat when I finished. When he got home, he got out the yarn shaver and went over the hat with it.

He wore it all night tonight…claimed his head was cold, even though it was in the 70’s here today. :teehee:

Makes me feel good.

And yes, I think it would be a GREAT hat for the troops overseas. It’s really quite comfy.