FO - Not so cute bear

A friend of mine asked that I knit her a bear after she saw the first one I made. So I made one. It didn’t turn out quite beautifully, and was made with scrapyarn. Here he is.


Agreed!!! Super cute :oD

Whaaaaattt? Not so cute???

Nooo way! [COLOR=Red]He is ADORABLE! :heart::heart::heart:

I like him!! The fuzzy pink ears are a very cute touch!

Oh Marg, my first reaction was: “I want one!”

will you share the pattern? :heart:

The pattern is “Austin the bear” by linnypin.

I think the pattern is free, PMing you.

I added the photo to your post. A lot of people (me included) don’t like to have to click out of the forum to see a picture. :teehee: If you don’t want it up for some reason I can delete it.

I think he’s really cute! I have the pattern, but all that seaming sent me screaming. :zombie:

The seaming is the most difficult part I think.

Well, I didn’t compress the pictures, so I think they were a little too big to attach to the post.

Thanks anyways Jan

It’s fine if you choose the smaller size like I did. Right click and go to properties and you can see the file size. It’s under the limit. :wink:

He really is adorable. :yay:

He is too cute!

He’s adorable!!! :heart:

Are you kidding?? He is adorable :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

He’s cute:heart: