FO: Not All Purple newborn hat -- thanks, Judy! :)

I probably bored you to death with my tiny hats but somehow I got completely stuck with them :slight_smile: Technically, nobody compelled me to design a hat. The Period of Purple Crying program educates new parents about normal newborn crying to prevent Shaken Baby syndrome. So the hospital where the program is being rolled out just asked to make all baby hats in purple colour… and that’s where my compulsion stems from.

So, do you think it’s too cheesy to call a hat with the above purpose ‘Not All Roses’? (The requirement for it to be at least 50% in purple/mauve colour, and DK or Sport weight as it’s put on after the bath demonstration)

Also, I have another one for a boy, that is supposed to resemble a knight’s helmet. It’s really hard to find deep purple/grape colour in DK or sport weight around here (we might not be able to use worsted, if it’s too heavy for indoor use). So I decided to make some kind of ‘manly’ hat that will look like armour even if it’s lavander colour :). The cheesy name for that one will be Little Knight :slight_smile: I am working out some details still, will post it later here.

Please be brutal. I haven’t posted it anywhere or showed it to anyone IRL yet.

That’s a truly adorable hat, Olha, and I think your idea for a name isn’t too cheesy at all. In fact, it’s perfect!

P.S. You and everyone else on this forum are what keeps us reading, so don’t consider what you write as boring. After all, if you weren’t regaling us with your tales and showing us lovely pictures, what would we read and look at on here?

That is beautiful, Olha! I don’t think it’s cheesy at all! :hug:

You’ve made a really beautiful little hat. I’m not sure I understand the question, even after coffee I’m slow this a.m. Are the hats to be given to the new moms? That would be a beautiful reminder of what they’ve learned in the class. I say hat and name are winners. One of my babies got colic. It was hell.

Thank you, all! Yes, these hats are given to parents by the hospital together with some educational materials and taken home.

I am honestly asking if the expression is fitting because I haven’t heard it that often to make an opinion if it [I]feels[/I] right, you know? I just know what it means but nobody goes around telling me that ‘this baby is not all roses’ or ‘being a parent is not all roses’ :slight_smile: So I am just checking with you before I bring it to the hospital (post it on Ravelry and my charity blog) and they all laugh at me :slight_smile:

I’m awful at slogans, etc., so I don’t know. Guess I thought the name was already chosen by the hospital. :shrug: I do wonder why they picked The Period of Purple Crying. That doesn’t mean much to me, I love purple and have pleasant associations to it. Sorry, guess I’m no help. I still think the hat is wonderful.

I guess the connotation is the face colour when the baby screams… but they also made an acronym PURPLE to explain the type of cry.

I picked the name to convey a sort of positive/negative balance. Personally, I do find dark purple colour frightening :slight_smile: So I am playing with other colour combinations/motifs to keep in line with the message but maybe ‘lighten it up’ a bit.

I’ve heard that something is “not a bed of roses” which is what you’re trying to say in less words. I think the sentiment is perfect because it’s so true. I’m not sure how it translates to a hat… they might see the flowers on it and think that the hat is not all roses which is also true. :think:

Thanks. I heard that one too, as well as ‘it’s not all hearts and roses’. But I looked it up and it seem to be right

Interesting. In my head I “hear” the missing word, but I guess that is because that’s the way I’ve heard it. :lol:

I don’t think it’s cheesy, I’m just not sure it would be understood they way you mean. Possibly with the info that goes along with it though it might make perfect sense to a new mother.


Your hat is just precious! :heart: :heart: :heart:

If it were up to me, I’d go with “Not All Purple” to convey to the parents that the new baby will not always be crying (absent colic, of course!). It also describes the hat very well…

Just my most humble opinion,


Thank for the link. Now I see why purple. Whatever it’s called, if parents can be helped to understand it’s normal and will pass, that’s wonderful.

Love the hat and the name you gave it.

Judy, I love that name. It’s much more positive. Can I borrow it? :slight_smile:

That is a good name. :slight_smile:

Olha, did you do fair isle to make the flowers or did the yarn do that on it’s own? It’s so cute. :slight_smile:

It’s the yarn :slight_smile: It’s called Bernat Baby Jaquards Florals colourway Petunia. That’s what makes it so interesting. And one ball would make about 9 or 10 hats depending on the colour distribution. I don’t know if it’s practical to write a yarn based pattern, but hey, why not?

I’m glad you like it! It’s all yours with no mention of borrowing!


Thanks a bunch! I think this naming case is closed :slight_smile:

Also, you know how sometimes you come accross an expression (or in my case sometimes just learn a new word) and then see it everywhere?

This is from todays Yahoo! News:

The arrangement has its share of complications, but Mike told the Star they make it work. “It’s not roses all the time,” he said. "But you have to get along, that’s just the way it is.

:lol: That’s funny that you came across that article right now!

I’ve used that yarn before, but not that colorway. It’s adorable! I think a pattern is fine with a specific yarn. If someone doesn’t want to use it they can still make a hat that just looks different. :thumbsup: The name can be applied to any purple hat.

The yarn and the color combination is so perfect. I’m delighted that you have a good name to go along with the truly precious hat.