FO - NOT a scarf!

Today I decided I wanted to start [I]and[/I] finish a project, so I decided on Calormitry! I just used some yarn in my stash (some old acrylic) and voila! Thanks to Auburn Chick for her notes in the post of her Calormitry. I too cast on only 92 stiches and it fits just right!

Hmmm - I will have to post the pic later - can’t get it in here from Flickr (Jan, I don’t get the same things on the site as your instructions!) and I am using a different computer than I normally do, so I can’t re-size the photo :frowning:

Congrats! Can’t wait to see it!

Looking forward to the picture. Congrats on making something all in one day.

Nice project. I keep my pictures for use here at Photobucket. I’m sure there are others that work as well.