FO: Noro Sophie Bag

I love the Noro colors, and the shape of this bag, but I think it’s a little too soft to hold it’s shape. It’s a birthday gift for my daughter-in-law and I think I’ll add a lining before I give it to her. The yarn is Noro Kureyon 183, and the pattern is Sophie. Instead of the normal strap, I made an extra-long I-cord and wove it through the top edge of the bag. I found the button at JoAnn’s.

Cute bag! Just can’t go wrong with the Noro colors :slight_smile: I like
the button detail.


Very nice. Love the colours.

Lovely!:muah: Just love the shape of that bag!

Great bag, Slim! Nice work and love the detail!

:inlove: very pretty!!

I love it . Nice work:)

Very nice!

WOW great job!! that is the PERFECT button for the colors of the bag!!

Oh it’s great and that button is perfect.

Very nice!

What a wonderful gift! The Noro colorway is so pretty.

It’s gorgeous!!! Love the colorway and your button certainly customizes it! Great job!

Pretty colors! :slight_smile:

colours are lovlmey and the bag is great. nice job :thumbsup:

WOW - the colors are gorgeous !! I also really like the shape of the bag. I have been avoiding Noro b/c I dont’ really like the “hand” (is that the correct work for not liking the way it feels while I knit with it?). I may have to revisit it as those colors are great.


Me, too, Slim! I love this NORO colorway, and I love the shape of this bag! Oh, and being a bonafide BUTTON HOUND…I love the button, too!!!

That’s a [U]really[/U] lovely bag!

:yay: nice job