FO - Noro Silk Garden Blanket

This started out as a throw, I guess, but I got carried away.:teehee: It took about 36 balls of color 239 Noro Silk Garden and a month. It’s just mitered squares knitted together with an attached icord around it to try to keep it from curling. It hasn’t been blocked, and I’m not sure it will be, but it will fit on my bed.

That is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!


WOW! It is lovely and you are such a fast knitter. :happydancing:

Wow!!! I hope you post pictures of it in your room too :wink:

Wow…it has an interesting 3-D quality. :slight_smile: Looks fab!!


oooooooooooh! Wow! Noro seems just made for that mitered square technique. what a treasure!

That looks great!! I’m going to swear off this section of the forum…makes me feel REALLY inept!

That is amazing! So you used an attached i-cord to put them together or just around the edge?

Ingrid - that is truly stunning!

Nawww, look at it as INSPIRATION! :inlove: When I see gorgeous stuff like this, is motivates me want to get better!

Absolutely - Awesome blanket!

Absolutely amazing!

Oh, somebody catch me! :thud:

And Crayola likes it too! :inlove:

Gorgeous work, as always! :notworthy:

:passedout::passedout::passedout:Ingrid - you are a true guru :notworthy::notworthy::notworthy: It’s amazing!!! You rock :smiley:

Thank you, everyone!:aww:

The beauty is in the yarn, and the knitting was really simple–just a lot of it. I just cast on 51 stitches, did a double decrease in the center, purled across the back, and worked it until I got down to one stitch left. Then I made another piece and picked up down the side of that and up the side of the other and made another section. The only pieces that were knit individually were the bottom ones. The rest is all knit together. To fill in the sides, I knit in triangles that had to be mattress stitched along one side, but I made sure I did that as I went, or I knew I’d have sides that flapped in the breeze.

It looks, as much knitting does, much more complicated than it was.

Beautiful, gorgeous!! Is this from a particular pattern, or did you design it yourself?



And the Ingrid knit, and it was good.



W O W :thud:

absolutely wonderful :passedout:

That is just beautiful!!! You are an inspiration!!