FO - Noro Scarf

I love the colorways of Noro…the Kureyon isn’t particularly soft but this scarf knitted up nicely - and it will go with literally ANYTHING in my closet!!! :teehee:

Very nice

It’s beautiful! I can’t do Noro at all, it’s just too rough and itchy for my skin, but I do admire all of them!

NICE! The yarn spoils you, doesn’t it?

i LOVE everything by Noro! Nice job.

Man, it’s gorgeous! What stitch pattern did you use?


I just did a simple pattern with a four row garter border at the top and bottom and a 5 stitch garter border on each side and then stockinette stitch for 3 skeins of Noro Kureyon. I was lucky that the color transitions matched up perfectly from skein to skein!

I love the colorway! It would go with everything in my closet too!


:yay: Great job!!

gorgeous, I just love the colors