FO: Noro "Maiko" Tank Top

Pattern: Lacey Vee Shell #254 (leaflet)
Yarn: NORO "Maiko"wool-silk-mohair blend
Color: #113 “chives”, dark green

My Ravelry notes and modifications, if you are interested.

I adore this little tank top! I used this ‘chives’ green as a complement to the “Bettna” cardigan I knitted using NORO “Retro” green variegated. I think “Maiko” (dk wt) is a cousin to “Retro”. The ‘chives’ green of the tank top is seen in the “Retro” colorway, perfect match to the lighter ‘waves’ of green.

The shade of green below is the way it really looks.
Greens and reds are so hard (for me) to capture accurately!

Gorgeous!! :inlove:

Seriously…you either knit like the wind, knit constantly, or you don’t sleep! :passedout:

I would definitely second that. I love the color.

Absolutely gorgeous!

What a beautiful color! It matches the cardigan perfectly!! I don’t know how you crank out so many wonderful projects so quickly!!! Amazing!

Stunning! That emerald colorway will look gorgeous with your dark hair. :muah:

I’m going with the “wind theory”.
There are her pups to tend to, and nobody could knit that perfect on too little sleep.

[B]As usual, absolutely beautiful Dollyce!!![/B]

No kidding!!! It is beautiful! I love the detail at the neck line :slight_smile:

Beautiful! I always love checking out the pics you post of your finished products … your work definitely inspires improvements in my own knitting. :cheering:

Two of those three! :teehee:

What a lovely tank top! The color is gorgeous :heart:

I agree! :smiley:

Great work, as always!

Beautiful as usual, the two really go together.

Still one of my aspirations “when I grow up” is to knit as well as you and Sandy.

This is definitely one of my favorites…love everything about the two sweaters. :heart:

Oooo, I love that Dollyce. :muah: It goes so well with the sweater. The pattern down the front is beautiful and the color–green. :heart:

Seriously…you either knit like the wind, knit constantly, or you don’t sleep!

You hit the nail on the head with this comment, Jan. I see Dollyce admitted that 2 were true. I’m guessing it is “knit constantly” (not every minute, but always have a project going), and “don’t sleep”. Most people do not think they “knit like the wind”, although I’ll bet you are pretty fast too. :wink: