FO: Noro Hat & Scarf Set!

Woven Braid Ski Hat:

I wanted a scarf with just a bit of texture to POP the Noro colorway, but not too busy with the hat. I’m calling this improv pattern “Textural Noro Scarf”! The reverse looks just like any other garter stitch scarf. It works well together!

Cast on 27
Foundation Row: (K3, P1) x 6, end K3
Row 1: (K3, slip 1 purlwise) x 6, end K3
Row 2: (K3, P1) x 6, end K3.
Repeat rows 1 & 2 until desired length.
Bind off in pattern.
Soak, pat dry, and block!
The use of blocking wires in the side edges helps tremendously. The photos I’ve posted are the “unblocked” scarf. I will block this scarf later, for sure!

Top of Hat:

That’s really pretty, Dollyce!

Very pretty. The scarf pattern kinda matches the top of your hat. :slight_smile:

How pretty, I love the colors of the yarn!!

Beautiful! Thanks for the scarf pattern! I’m always looking for different, simple patterns. :slight_smile:

Lovely ArtLady. I like those slip stitch patterns that make pronounced lines in the work. The yarn is really shown off. The hat looks like a very puffy, warm one.

its gr88888888, the pattern n the matching color is coollllll