FO: Nordic Ski Hat (Husband)

My husband asked for a nordic ski hat. No, we don’t ski but it does get cold here in the pacific northwest. He asked for it to be chunky bright blue yarn with black. The only one I could find at my local yarn storethat met his description was from germany.

It was pretty and I am a sucker for a nice wool. It was imported from Muench Yarns. It’s from Naturwolle, Ingeborg Michels Gernsbach. Color is 56 Nacht
Gauge was 3.5 sts on 7 - 10 needles. I did 22 sts in 4" on size 8.

I really like the how the purl ridges came out. I am thinking of frogging the flaps and doing them again. I think they should be wider and longer than the pattern called for. The cords were easy. Just 3 strands braided. The top chord had 12 strands braided. Again, they could have been longer.

It came together fairly fast. Here’s a link to the pattern

Very nice. Love the colorway.)

Cute hat! I LOVE the yarn – beautiful colors!

what a lucky hubby you have! It turned out great!

cute hat! your dh will :heart: it! atleast i would! i love the colorway!

I love the color…nice job! :hug:

:happydance: it looks wonderful! I love the color :thumbsup:

Fantastic! Love the yarn, too!

Very nice and a great color. I find that all men like blue. Must be genetically imprinted from all those blue baby gifts they wear! :roflhard:

Beautiful yarn! Great hat!