FO: No Purl Monkeys

This is what I’ve been knitting while my computer’s been in the shop and I couldn’t access the pattern I had planned to knit! These socks have been languishing in my project bag since school started, so it’s good to get them off the needles. The yarn is J. Knits Superwash Me - Sock, and the pattern is a modification of Monkey ( It was easier than my first pair of Monkeys because there are no purl stitches. I used Joan’s Favorite Toe (

Oh - they are gorgeous!!! :inlove:

Oooo, very pretty, I love the colors!

Absolutely gorgeous! :yay:

I want! :inlove:

OH they are soooooo pretty!!!

As usual, Slim, WONDERFUL WORK!

LOVE YOUR CHOICE of yarn, too!!

They look fabulous!!! Great job!

Those are beautiful!!! I love the colors.

Very pretty, I love the colorway! :inlove:

Very nice socks!! Congratulations on finishing an old project. That is hard for me. LOL

Beautiful socks! They look absolutely perfect!

Very nice socks!

Yes…what they all said,beautiful work,great colours…and a UFO finished…WOW

These socks are gorgeous!!!

Fantastic socks, love the color, too. :yay:

They are wonderful! Love the pattern and the colors!

very nice, I really love the colors.

Those look great, and I love the colors. :thumbsup:

They look fabulous!! Very nice knitting :slight_smile: