FO - No Hair Day Hairy Chemo Cap / Update - Hat Has Been Gifted

I recently walked into my local bank and spied my favorite teller who, I discovered, is undergoing chemotherapy treatments. She was wearing a cotton turban.

Instantly, I remembered purchasing this yarn (Berroco Chinchilla Color #7524):

I immediately cast on for the “No-Hair-Day Hairy Chemo Cap.” The free pattern is located here.

I cast on Friday night (2/13) and finished last night (2/14). I used size 9 needles.

I made the small size, but the hat still turned out a little large. I found that rolling up the brim made the hat fit better and adds a little character to an otherwise plain hat.

I hope she likes it!

That came out really nice and looks super soft! I have some Yarn Bee Frosting, maybe that’s what I will do with it. I’m sure you will brighten her day when you take it to her.

That’s pretty and looks warm!

Very nice hat. And very nice gesture, too. You’re such a sweetie, Nathalie. :hug:

Awww, that looks great! As one who has gone through chemo (twice), I know she will appreciate it, especially if it’s as nice and soft as it looks!! You are sweet for doing that.

It’s really nice and a lovely colour (my favourite) and such a nice thing to do. Chemo is nasty to go through so I’m sure just the gesture will make her day :o) as well as being a nice present to receive :o)

It turned out beautiful!! What a sweet thing to do! She will love it and it looks so soft and cuddly. Will probably keep her head warm too.

What a thoughtful gesture. I know she will just love it and the color is absolutely beautiful.

How sweet of you Nathalie. It is beautiful and she will love it.

It looks great, what a wonderful gift!:hug:

What a wonderful thing to do. I am always in awe of the caring and generosity of the knitters here.

Wow, that’s so nice of you. She’ll love it. Nice color.

I just had to share that I gave this to the teller today. I didn’t think she would be there because she works at different branches, but she’s filling in for a gal who’s on maternity leave.

I typically do things behind the scenes…I prefer it that way. So, it was a real treat (and a bit embarrassing) to watch her face when she opened it.

It fit perfectly.

This is the best part about knitting.


Thanks for sharing that wonderful story! You made that gal’s day I’m sure and what a wonderful thing to do. :muah:

The cap looks wonderful! Nathalie you are so kind and generous :hug:

What a lovely thing to do ! The hat looks great and I am sure the lady reall appreciates you thinking of her:)

I can just imagine the happiness she felt knowing that there is someone ‘out there’ who cares for her enough gift her with a handmade hat.

Good on you, Nathalie!

Cute as can be!!! Way to go!!! :thumbsup: