FO: Nintendo DS™ cover

Howdy y’all. So this past week I’ve been working on a knitted nintendo DS cover for my dgf for Valentine’s Day. I couldn’t finish it in time for last evening, but after my date with her I decided to finish it up anyway so she could have it next time I see her. So it’s 5,06 am right now and I just finished with velcro and everything! Behold the lovely webcam photos below.

Yes, I did slap a button in russian on it and yes I did use staples to attach the velcro.

Good job, Love it. also love the fact that you used staples to attach the Velcro. made me laugh.

Hey, great job! The stapled velcro is such a GUY thing, gave me a good laugh. The colors look great also.

:happydance: It looks great!! :rofl: love that used staples very creative!

Nice cover! My DH uses staples to “sew” also! LOL

Haha, thank you guys so much. I’m glad y’all got such a kick out of my use of staples. :aww:

Staples! :yay: :teehee:

It looks great!

GREAT job…very creative too!!! I’m sure she will LOVE it! :hug:

hey, good job!

How thoughtful!

I think its great that a guy would knit for his girlfriend! I know lots of women who have “hemmed” pants using staples. Keep up the good work.