FO: News! Pattern available! Basic Black Hoodie

Yarn: 30 skeins Elann Peruvian Highland Bulky (54.5 yds per skein x 30 = 1635 yds)

This hoodie doesn’t fit perfectly yet. I knit it for my Fall-Winter 2010 Sweater Wardrobe.
(I’m losing weight, therefore every sweater I’m currently knitting is in my new size.)

Pattern from this Classic Elite leaflet:

My Ravelry notes.


Andi Clark from Customer Service at Classic Elite Yarns sent a reply to my email about this pattern! Yay! Good news! You can get this leaflet by calling CEY or by letter!

Here is their contact information, as seen on the FAQ page of Classic Elite Yarns website:

Mailing address:
Classic Elite Yarns
122 Western Avenue
Lowell, MA 01851-1434
t) 1-978-453-2837
f) 1-978-452-3085

[B]Here is the email sent to me:[/B]

[COLOR=Navy]Dollyce: Thank you for contacting Classic Elite Yarns. The pattern is still
available and can be purchased by contacting CEY by phone or letter. The
cost is $6.

The sweater looks lovely! I like your choice of yarn, it makes it more
versatile to wear.

Andi Clark
Customer Service


Wow!! :inlove: That hoodie is absolutely gorgeous! :notworthy: Seriously, my adoption papers are in the works :teehee:

Ooo, very nice!

So beautifully elegant! I love those closures! Nice work once again! :yay:

OMG! That’s gorgeous! I can only hope to knit that well some day.

Wow … so classy!! I LOVE the simplicity of this one!

This is very nice. It appears to be knitted somewhat dense and thick. Is this correct? The stitches in the buttonband appear smaller than those in the body. Is it worked separate and then sewn on?

Black is my favorite color next to deep red.I can see me wearing a cardigan like this. Simple, yet chic.

It’s gorgeous! Your work is so beautiful! I have a hard time with black. Just can’t see it well enough!

The yarn is a bulky weight. The deep “hem” is garter stitch, as are the buttonbands and the deep cuffs. A very easy pattern. No, nothing is worked separately. Everything is “knit in as you go”. The hood, of course, is picked up around the neck and knit, after the shoulders are seamed.

Elann Peruvian Highland Bulky yarn is a wonderful yarn, and very affordable! 100% wool and knits so nicely. It isn’t plied. It’s a single ply, my favorite!

I’ve got a stash in light heather gray:

and, Petal:

Yeah, this time I had to really strain to seam this puppy!
I have an OTT light, but I had to move it to within inches of my work!

Black is easier to knit outside, in summertime, in the shade.

Oh my gosh, I am IN LOVE with that!!! It’s amazing :oD

Eye-poppin’, jaw-droppin’ gorgeous! :heart: it!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


It’s gorgeous! I love the way the closures dress up the simple lines and stand out against the black.

Great work! I’m always so inspired by your posts … your stitches look so perfect and even! Hopefully someday my work will look like that :slight_smile:

That is beautiful! The closures are gorgeous and really make the hoodie look not so “basic”!!

Your work is always gorgeous, but I think this is my very favorite one of all! That’s truly beautiful!

I should add that this Basic Black Hoodie is [I]blocked! [/I]:thumbsup:

As always I bow to your beautiful work. Just gorgeous and stunning!!!
I so want to knit like the Artlady when I grow up!!

I totally agree ;o)

Once again, Dollyce, you’ve knitted a masterpiece. It’s very beautiful, and I’m sure it’ll be perfect for your new svelte figure.