FO - New Year's Eve KAL Dishcloth

Well, here it is. I stayed up until 3:36am New Year’s morning to finish it. We had so much fun in the chatroom! I closed the place…first time I’ve ever been the last one at a party! :teehee:

The pattern is located over in the KAL forum. The yarn is Peaches & Creme - Wine, done on size 7 needles. It’s a bit dark for this project, but if you put it on a table and stand in a chair over it, you can see the pattern! :thumbsup:



It looks great :thumbsup: …I like that wine color…

Sounds like you had fun. The dishcloth looks great. I like the deep color.

Looks great !! All done in fun too.


It turned out awesome!
you were so funny on that chat. I keep wanting to scream DFENSE and OFFENSE. And ofcourse the Auburn glory song :wink:


Y’all were too funny! The next morning, when I picked up my son from his lock-in, I told him how y’all were “shouting” offense and defense during the game. Made me LOL. He got a chuckle out of it too.

Love the color! Concord Grapes! Coool! I love making dishcloths!

I made 4 of the best white dishcloths of my life several months ago!
I was takin’ such good care of them. Last week I caught the stove on fire…yeah…the cupboards were a black mess. So, I put out the grease fire, took the melted stuff off the walls beside the stove…and finished making dinner and went to bed (I was sick anyways).

Guess what DH did for me? He washed down the wall by the stove…but guess what he used??? Yup…my white dishcloth.

I am still drying to get the black soot out of it!

Purple woulda been a better color, huh???

Oh, ArtLady! I’m glad everything turned out okay! The threat of the stove catching on fire is not gonna be a serious one in this house. I don’t cook. So, my dishcloths are safe.

Guess you’ll have to just make some more!

Good job!

The color is so pretty! Nice job on the dishcloth!