FO: New Purple Hats


I have a new hat made in collaboration with another knitter, or rather we used each others’ ideas for inspiration, modifying the design in our own ways. It is for the Period of Purple Crying Campaign, the lighter one is in fingering weight yarn, and the darker one is in DK. I guess it would suit both girls and boys, depending on the yarn colour and weight… sort of Little Princess and Little Prince. Does it look like a crown? What do you think?

It’s summer and even though I have quite a few projects on the needles going to the beach is a priority at the moment. I do take my knitting when we go there but it’s kind of tricky to knit and swim at the same time.

Also, I started writing about local knit-happenings on my blog which is a lot of fun cause I get to talk to real designers and store owners and take pictures of pretty things and yarns.

Your links aren’t working.

Strange… I saw the pictures, however, I copied them from what seemed like a strange location on Flikr. Their interface changed, so most likely I goofed somehow.

How about now?

Very nice and I love the lavender.

Welcome back, Olha.

Love the hat. It does, indeed, remind me of a crown. Nice collaborative effort there!

I’ll have to check out your blog again. Thanks for the update.

P.S. I’d like to see you knitting while swimming. I’m sure you can do it! You do many other seemingly impossible things! :wink:

Yup, they work now! That’s a beautiful hat! The design is great!

They’re both very cute! Wonderful stitches, so nice and even.

They fit a kid? Or baby? Preemie? The models are dolls, right?

Yes, I see the crown! They are adorable!

Thanks! They are newborn size and the model is a doll whose wild hair makes up for the size difference :slight_smile:

Adorable hats and in aid of a wonderful cause. Your blog sounds like the opportunity to use many of your talents. Lots of fun, too. Great to see some of your designs again!