FO: New photos! Maureen's Clasica Coat!

Wow!!! Gorgeous! Both the coat and your daughter!!

It’s so nice of everyone to stop in and post complimentary words! Even ole seasoned knitters like me love BIG HUGS and appreciative words! Thanks again everyone! :hug:

One day… I hope to have be as amazing as you!!! I can’t even force myself to commit to a sweater (and there are MANY patterns I love!)… let alone a coat as gorgeous as that!!!

Yayyyyyy!!! :woohoo:

What a lovely gal! The coat looks gorgeous on her!!! Many [SIZE=“3”]HUGE [/SIZE]knitterly hugs your way :hug: :hug: :hug:

The coat is gorgeous and so is she! It’ll keep her nice and toasty for winter!

Your daughter and the coat are gorgeous! It looks so cozy - she will be wrapped in your love all winter :inlove:

Beautiful work as usual!! (and both of your daughters are too!)