FO -New felted purse for ME!

I used some wool yarn that I had bought a few years ago- and I did knit it in the Entrelac pattern- but, the yarns muted more than I thought that they would- but, you can still see the different colors in person.

The photo doesn’t show the true colors- they are much brighter in person- the purse handle has a variety of soft greens that match the purse exactly- despite what the photo shows… darn the flash/light/rainy weather.


It looks wonderful!

It’s lovely. I actually like the muted colors. I’ve got to try entrelac – is it very hard?

:happydance:very pretty!!!

Very nice! I’m a “Bag Lady” myself! Clickety Click!

What lovely colors! :heart: Nice job:thumbsup:

Slim… it’s very easy to do. I made a big shawl last year- is how I learned how. I just read the pattern and it really was easy… it’s like cables… just looks hard.


Thanks for the kind comments everyone-- I’ve been using it everyday- since, it got finished. It’s a nice medium-sized purse. So, I wouldn’t be able to put my water bottle and my wallet in it! :smiley: Good thing it’s not as hot, right?

Beautiful purse! And I love the dresser it is hanging from, too! The carvings on the drawer fronts are lovely. :mrgreen:

Very pretty - such soft colors :thumbsup:

I am a male and I love to knit and felt purses. I find myself ponning them off to my female friends

Thanks everyone. :muah:

I love to do felting … it seems like magic.

I live in Seoul, Korea and when I took my felted purse down to the yarn/fabric market to pick up handles… I had also taken a skein of the yarn that I had not used (to try to get some more) when I knitted/felted the purse… and all of the local 'yarn vendor’s were amazed when I’d show them the yarn and then the purse… and ‘gestured’ real big size around the purse… and then gestured ‘shrinking’… and pointed to the purse. I do think that they got what I was trying to tell them-- because they all went …

ooooh… and smiled and then said something (explaining it to the others) in Korean and then they went… oooh… They were so cute… *THEY don’t do the felting on purpose of knitted wools here and that’s why I had to explain it the best that I could to them.

Oh, I forgot to mention- the ‘chest’ is really a reproduction Korean medicine chest… that holds my DVD’s and CD’s. :smiley:

Very pretty!

It looks wonderful.

Nice job! Entrelac is on my to-learn list, too!

I love it:heart:!