FO: Nephews jumper

I finished this a while ago but only just found my camera after my nephew got his hands on it lol.

This is the back of another jumper I’ve started for him. I’m half way through the front now.

Very nice . So much lovely detail:)

Wow, that looks amazing!

That is just beautiful! :inlove:

wow…I love those…you did a great job :happydance:

Lovely… and so much detail x

Wow, lovely color and beautiful knitting!

I also love the detail–wonderful knitting.

I love the stitch detailing, both are beautiful!

This is a great work of knitted art! The color is unusual, and nicely so! Thanks for sharing your work with us! Inspiring! :thumbsup:

it’s Beautful,what pattern did you use,i would love to make it for my little boy:)

Great color choice and good job on the stitch detail. Just enough to add punch but not be overwhelming. :slight_smile:


What a lovely sweater!

Can i be your nephew :teehee:? These are lovely!