FO: Needle Holder

It’s based on this pattern, but, modified.


That looks great!

:happydance: Great job!

That is very nice, I really like it!

I love the construction, it’s not just your normal needle holder.

Looks great ! :slight_smile:

Thats very clever and cute.

That is one nice needle holder! Your photos were also very explanatory! What a nice idea! Thanks for sharing the link!

That looks great!!

:cheering: This needle holder is such a good idea!!!:cheering: I have made a few that are fabric like that, but I love how the knitted one keeps the needles in place and together~~ And your’s is absolutely beautiful!!

:woot: a nice and handy piece of knit :yay:

Very nice! Love the color.


cool, great idea.

Beautiful!! Love that you made it your own by modifying it. What a beautiful color too!

Such a cool idea! It looks great :thumbsup: