FO - Neato Hacky Sack

I decided that I would try to make a hacky sack for a special friend and, I must say, I think I love it!

I used Peaches n Creme cotton and filled it with rice stuffed in the toe of some panty hose.

It was so quick and easy. The pattern is here and you have to scroll down for the small size.

cool! &thanks for the link:thumbsup:

I have that pattern … gonna make one for my daughters boyfriend. yay! I should do that today…

How cool!

Wow, it came out great!

I never would have thought of that. Very cool.

Well now, I just gotta make me one of those! Thanks for the link and congrats on the pretty hacky sack!

Cool!! My dh used to carry one around with him all the time… :thumbsup:great job…

I should make one for my cousin…thanks for the link!

awww it’s so cute!

Thanks for the kudos everyone! I gave the hacky sack to my new foster daughter today and she loved it! It actually comes out a little bit bigger than a normal size sack but she didn’t seem to care.

This was such a fun thing to knit, even thought I kept getting the short rows confused. However, that was probably because I was making it while watching one of my favorite tv shows the other night.

Don’t forget to post pix if you make one!

Looks Great!

Stupid question alert!! What is a hacky sack used for?

A hacky sack is kicked in the air using your foot. Frankly, I can’t seem to get the hang of it but my Goddaughter is awesome at it!

I have seen a pattern for those crocheted, and wonder what you actually do with them?

So cool and thanks for the link! This may be right up the members of my 3rd-6th grade knitting club’s alley!

Great idea! :heart: Thanks for the pattern, too. :slight_smile:

That’s a cute looking hacky sack, great job.

Objective - to keep the sack in the air as long as you can without it falling on the ground. Can be done used by one person or as many as you would like. One could use pretty any part of their body.

Oh yeah! That would be so perfect!