FO: Nancy's Damson

I love the edging on this little shawlette. A quick, easy knit, and I love the way it turned out. It’s a gift for my daughter-in-law who is expecting a baby in December. I thought it would make a nice cover-up for breastfeeding. I like that the names of the pattern and the colorway are the same!

Pattern: Damson
Yarn: Colinette Jitterbug in [I]Velvet Damson[/I]
Details on my Ravelry page:

I don’t know if it’d be big enough for a cover up for nursing, but it’s gorgeous!!

It’s beautiful!

Beautiful. Damson is a joy to knit, isn’t it?

Beautiful work … love the color! :inlove:

I used to nurse (4 kids, all now adults) under a shawl - turn it around backwards, or throw it over just one shoulder. Nice work, Slim! Royal blue is totally your color - makes your eyes POP!

Beautiful!! :cheering: A lovely gift for the new mother. The color is so rich. Nice work too, it looks perfect.

Just lovely!!!

Another beauty! You need to make one for yourself in that color - it’s perfect on you!

What MoniDew said, over one shoulder.
VERY pretty[I]!!![/I] [/B] It sure beats the heck out of the long gauze diapers I used.

That’s just beautiful!

I love everything you knit. Another winner.

Oh how nice, Slim! Well chosen, well done! A great gift for a new mother!

That is gorgeous and yes having it over one should will be great for breastfeeding. Like another writer stated, I only had good old fashioned cloth dipers to throw over my shoulder many moons ago when I nursed. Might just have to do something like this for my daughter expecting in September.

Absolutely! It’s gorgeous!!