FO: My Whole Heart

Hi everyone,

This is my lastest finished project and newest pattern. It’s… something. Whatever you want it to be, a pin cushion or a symbolic gift. The best part? No sewing at all! Hence the name.


That came out perfect!

Beautiful and a very clever, all-in-one design! Do you have a link for the pattern?

Thanks! Here is the link, if anyone wants to take a look. A pattern is listed on the blog along with step-by-step photos but you also can print a one-page .pdf file.

I LOVE your heart! Hee! That sounds funny, doesn’t it?

Anywhoo! Great job on this and thanks for sharing the pattern!

Thanks! It does sound funny. Oh, I also got to stick ‘wholeheartedly’ in the pattern ‘romance’ :slight_smile:

It is really lovely!:inlove:

It is delightful!

It’s so pretty. Thanks for sharing it. I wanna check out the pattern.

Love it. It turned out to be a true heart.

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][SIZE=“3”]Oh how cool![/SIZE][/FONT]