FO - my very first =)

okay… so these are my actual first finished knit… i used the warm woolies bootie pattern(small size). i couldn’t find my crochet hook… so no collar yet… :heart:
before i felted them…

after i felted them…

Hey, if you delete everything after “.jpg” the pictures will work. :slight_smile:

Aww … they look sooo cozy! Good job!

thanks cawthraven! i feel like a dork for a bit :oops:
all better now! :cheering:

Love the booties, and what a cute baby!

I did the same thing the first time. :teehee:

If you copy the link pictures from the page where you can see all the photos in smaller versions, (2 across, and I forget how many down) and copy the image address for those pictures, you don’t have to delete anything at the end of the address. They’re smaller pictures, too, which may or may not be better.

Those came out cute!

Very cute!!!

Aww! Both the baby and the booties are cute. :heart:

So cute! :cheering: