FO-my very first sweater

This pattern was from “beginnings” put out by classic elite and knit in “two two”, a bulky weight yarn, also by classic, that is no longer produced. I got the yarn in a bunch of yarn i bought on ebay <g>…

I originally knit this sweater for my seven year old son…i used the childs large size…and uhm, it swims on him, but looks cute on my 15 year old daughter!

She looks very happy in her sweater! It looks great :happydance: Congrats on your first sweater!

Great knitting!!! That looks really cute.

It looks really cute on your daughter.

nice job - it looks great on her!

It looks fabulous! :yay:

Congrats! It looks great! Fits your daughter nicely!

That looks GREAT! I’m sure she’s very glad you messed up
I would be!

That looks GREAT! I’m sure she’s very glad you messed up

I was thinking the very same thing, it looks great.

Needless to say ‘messing up’ is a relative term:teehee:. It looks fantastic on her!

It looks fantastic! Great job on your first sweater. :thumbsup:

she is!

thank you everyone for the kind words! Nate wore it to church on sunday and graciously let katie wear it to school today! <g>. i need to get a photo of him wearing it!

it was a lot of fun, i look forward to the next project…right now i’m knitting a mock turtleneck from the same book in “tigress” which is a big fat chunky self striping yarn. i’m not in love with either…but it’s practice!

Oh its adorable on her. and so is she.

I think it looks great for a first sweater!!!

It is wonderful! Very nice fit, and good looking stitches!

Great first sweater! Things happen. :slight_smile: Great switcheroo from little brother sweater to big sister sweater. It looks great on Katie. Good thing it didn’t have anything too “little boy” about it. Maybe the next one will be for him. :slight_smile:

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]A lovely sweater… love the stitch pattern!
TEMA :thumbsup: [/COLOR]