FO- My very first pair of socks!

I just finished knitting my first pair of socks today!

Superbbbbbbbb n nice color

Wow, very pretty socks!

GREAT job!!! I know you’re so tickled!!

HOORAY! Love the colorway! :muah:

Good job!

AWESOME!! You did a great job.

[B][COLOR=DarkGreen]Knit Envy! Knit Envy! :hug:

[/COLOR][/B][COLOR=Black]Your socks are wonderful!! [/COLOR][B][COLOR=DarkGreen] :thumbsup:

Wow, they are awesome! Love the color!! Someday, maybe, I’ll finish my first pair! (Been OTN for quite a while now lol!)

Your socks are AWESOME! You should be so proud of yourself!

And I am so jealous because when I take a picture of my socks at that angle, I only manage to highlight my fat feet. :slight_smile:

Fabulous job! Great color and perfect fit! :woot:

Those are really pretty!!! I love the color.

Thanks everyone! I’m really excited.

By the way, the yarn I used was Carson Simply Soft Brites (Colorway: Blue Mint).

Congratulations!! They look wonderful :cheering:

I love you

They look great. I will finish mine 1st socks soon, too.

beautiful, love the color!

Love the color and am jealous they fit so well! I have a lot of trouble with sock fit…Good job!!